Enrichment Classes


  • The Art program follows national and state standards addressing aesthetic perception, creative expression (application & production), and critical analysis, as well as historical and cultural perspective.
  • The curriculum includes project-based art activities designed to be age- appropriate.
  • Basic skills are presented to develop more complex abilities week to week and year to year.
  • The Art program helps to develop higher-order, problem-solving, and cognitive thinking skills.
  • The program incorporates project-based learning while helping students to discover various styles of historical, classical, and modern artists.
  • Students are involved in the creation of backdrops and stage props for school-wide productions and plays.
  • Students are involved with the community in various areas such as the Tom Peyton Memorial Arts Festival, the Alexandria Museum of Art, the River Oaks Arts Center, and the Youth Art Month at the state capitol.


  • All students attend computer lab once a week.           
  • The computer lab has 30 student workstations plus a Promethean Board.
  • There is a wireless MAC lab containing 15 computers, which is available for teachers to check out and use in their classrooms.
  • The lab also contains a Recording Studio where the “Good Morning Phoenix” show is recorded, edited, and presented daily.
  • The morning show is a short, informational news show featuring students from all grades.
  • While in the computer lab, students work on projects designed to enrich their classroom activities, as well as to teach them to use common software programs such as Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel.
  • Students also utilize the internet for research purposes and skills practice.
  • In addition, all of the students use the KEYBO program to learn and practice typing skills.


  • Students visit the library once a week with their class. The library is open to parents and students every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 8:05 (before classes start).
  • During weekly visits, students check out books, participate in activities on library usage, discuss books and authors, practice literacy skills, and work on collaborative projects designed by the librarian and the classroom teacher.
  • Students participate in the Accelerated Reader (AR) program to improve reading skills.
  • Students participate in reading incentives such as the Louisiana Young Readers Program, Lucky Reader, AR, and Caught ‘Ya Reading. These activities change yearly.
  • Students have access to technology with 11 computers available for research, classroom support, computer projects, and AR Testing.
  • Library resources include: 6000+ fiction and non-fiction titles, magazines appropriate for upper and lower grades, daily newspaper, encyclopedias and dictionaries, Book in a Bag activities for parent checkout, student, teacher, and parent reference resources.


  • Music is taught to all students.
  • All students participate in one musical performance each year.
  • Classroom percussion instruments are played.
  • Students develop a large repertoire of songs.
  • General music studies include rhythm, melody, games, instruments, composition, dance, and composers.


  • Students receive 30 minutes of daily physical education in all grades.
  • Instruction strives for a lifetime approach to fitness and physical activity.
  • P.E. provides many different physical activity choices designed to develop students' self-confidence. The activities feature cooperative as well as competitive games. We actively teach cooperation, fair play, and responsible participation.
  • Our program is based partially on the SPARK, Healthy Lifestyle Choice, SMART, and Organ Wise Guys curriculums.
  • Rapides Foundation along with Gilchrist Construction Company generously assisted with the building of a community track located on the school grounds. Students run once a week and are active participants in the local Rapides Junior Runners program.
  • Students in 3rd through 5th grades receive instruction in archery using the NASP curriculum.  They are given the opportunity to join an Archery Club that participates in local and state tournaments.
  • Phoenix is a supporter of the American Heart Association and participates annually in the Jump Rope for Heart and the Hoops for Heart events.  We have been recognized nationally for our fundraising efforts in battling heart disease and stroke. We are know as a "TOP TURNER" school for the events.
  • Other events sponsored by the P.E. department are character building programs, field day, fitness team, hopscotch and cup stacking tournaments.
  • Each student is encouraged to find his or her own self though Physical Education. ncouraged to find his or her own self though Physical Education.



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