The goal of our school-wide Positive Behavior Support plan is to help our students develop and improve their level of self-control and responsibility as they mature.  We use a system that reflects this goal.


Beginning in Kindergarten, there is a behavior chart for each class.  All student's names are listed on each chart.  This chart goes with the class everywhere in the school.  Each child begins the week with 100 points in behavior.  If a student breaks one of the rules during the week, he loses a set number of points.  Students are given a mark on the chart when the points are taken.  That mark denotes which rule was broken so parents can reinforce at home making good choices.


Teachers have classroom rewards set up for students who make good behavior grades each week.  At the end of each nine week grading period we have a school-wide P.B.I.S. celebration and do various activities with the students who earn this reward.


Our charts allow each teacher to handle all minor infractions, which our posted school rules cover.  Major infractions are handled in the office with state referrals.  These infractions are listed on the referral form.  If a student is written up on a state referral form, they will not be eligible to attend the PBIS party at the end of the nine weeks.


Phoenix Big Ideas





Phoenix PBIS Rules

School-Wide Behavior Chart

  • Talking when not allowed.
  • Out of seat/area without permission.
  • Disrespect towards students or teachers.
  • Off task behavior (playing instead of working, not following directions, line behavior, bathroom behavior, etc).
  • Other (See the description written below by the teacher).



  • Walk while in the cafeteria.
  • Stay in a quiet single-file line.
  • Use a quiet inside voice at the table.
  • Clean up your mess.
  • Keep hands and feet off of the walls.


Line Behavior:  Remember to ZIP & HIP!

  • Quiet at all times.
  • Always walk to the right in a single-file line.
  • Remember your hall pass.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.



  • Keep your feet on the floor.
  • Put trash in the trash can.
  • Bring your hall pass with you.
  • Leave backpacks and all supplies in the classroom or hallway.


Dismissal in the Gym

  • Stay seated on the floor in a straight line at all times.
  • Quiet at all times.
  • Bring a book to read or homework to complete.
  • Wait for your bus or name to be called, before getting up to leave.


After School Events in the Gym

  • Always walk, not run, up and down the bleachers.
  • The stage and the bleachers are off limits.
  • Adults:  Supervise children at all times inside and outside of the gym.



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