Kindergarten - 2nd Grade


  • Applications will be available and accepted here at Phoenix Magnet Elementary throughout the month of February for the following year.
  • Applications for Phoenix can only be turned in at Phoenix. They will not be accepted by fax, on-line, or at the Magnet Office. Additional forms will need to be completed at the school.
  • All Magnet Schools will use the same application, and your application can only be submitted to one Magnet School.
  • Applications for grades Pre-K – 5 will be accepted throughout the month of February for the following school year.
  • See separate section on Pre-K.
  • When submitting an application, please bring copies of your child’s birth certificate, social security card, and current shot record. Also, you will need to bring copies of your child’s most recent report card.



  • Applications are not handled as “first-come, first-served.” In other words, an application received on February 12th will not be given priority over an application received on February 26th.
  • Applications that are complete and that are turned in on time at Phoenix will be screened for eligibility.
  • Parents of students who do not meet eligibility requirements will be notified in writing by Phoenix Magnet no later than June 1st.
  • Siblings will be given priority. However, siblings are not automatically accepted. Siblings must meet all eligibility requirements and submit a completed application on time. In addition, a sibling cannot be accepted if no openings are available.


Additional Information

  • If your child currently attends Phoenix in grades K-5, you do not need to complete an application. You will receive a Letter of Intent form in January or February. Please complete this form and return it to your child's teacher by the due date given.
  • If your child currently attends Phoenix in Pre-K, you will not receive a Letter of Intent, but you must complete an application, and your child must also pass the Kindergarten entrance exam.



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